The United States’s Haunted Lighthouses – Louisiana

America’s Haunted Lighthouses – Louisiana

Louisiana, in gulf coast of florida is mentioned much more for the Mardi Gras gathering, cool jazz and Creole food than lighthouses, yet houses a troubled lighthouse with Civil War contacts.

Gone and Nearly Forgotten
Sabine Pass Light – Louisiana

The legend of Sabine Pass Light begins throughout the Civil War when Union solders successfully routed and destroyed Fort Sabine. Later, Confederate troops defeated them, pushing the Union troops to flee the island.

Cannonball fire struck and smashed some associated with the lens during the temperature of fight. Lighthouse Keeper, Granger repaired the lens by gluing the leading and back covers of their bible into the broken portions for the lens, and spirited the lens into the safety of Sabine Pass, where it stayed concealed before the end associated with war.

In 1886, a hurricane therefore strong so it sent a surge of liquid almost twenty miles inland, hit the island killing countless men and women and almost destroyed Sabine Pass, making only the tower standing.

According to legend, the ghost of a soldier killed within the Battle of Sabine Pass haunts this site; however, one keeper asked to be discharged from his obligations when he reported seeing the ghost of a man wearing what seemed to be a former keeper’s uniform. A few people reported witnessing this guy, inducing the Lighthouse Service to discontinue assigning keepers for this light.

When the solution notified Keeper Steven Purgley your light is extinguished therefore the tower torn down, Purgley became so annoyed that he began the Sabine Pass Lighthouse Association, insisting the Lighthouse provider keep carefully the lighthouse standing.

This lighthouse ultimately became the home regarding the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, and ended up being auctioned off for a paltry $ 55,000 in 1986 to two business professionals just who desired to change it into a restaurant and yacht club.

Nothing had been previously done to preserve this historical lighthouse and it continues to be deserted even today, but reports of a ghostly existence remain.

Marianne L. Kelly

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